Hey there everybody, in this post I´m going to write about the activity, we did in class of communication skills in engineering, last week.

I´m writing this post in english because the class was in english.

First of all we were introduced to the meaning of a Haiku. A Haiku is a poem written with a 5-7-5 structure, this means that, it has a five syllables word at first, then a seven syllables word and again a five syllables word. This kind of poems are very particular because, when you are writing them, you can´t use adjectives and you´re restricted to the category you are working on.

So this makes this pretty difficult at the beginning, because it´s not easy to articulate words with this structure and also that must have a  strong accent.

After a while all the people in the class, were doing very well the activity, that consisted in making our own Haikus, based on pictures that were shown on the projector.

I enjoyed this kind of activity, because it´s very different, compared to the engineer world, this activity showed me the ability of our mind, at performing different tasks not only related with our career, but also from different areas.


One thought on “Haiku

  1. Hello Esteban, Just by reading your post I can get a really good picture and information about what we did in class. I also think that is very well written, and gives excellent information about Haikus. Good job!


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